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Personalized Learning (Initial Assessment)

Every student is unique and has different needs. In order to ensure success for all students, it is important to find learning gaps and start building a strong foundation for each and every student. Therefore, an objective, comprehensive initial assessment is the first step in learning.An initial assessment is taken to determine strengths and weaknesses of each student at enrollment. Once an initial assessment is taken, a personalized study program based on the results of the test is generated by the PALS proprietary diagnostic system. The goal of the initial assessment is to provide students and instructors with a great starting point. An initial assessment may be administered not only when a student first enters the program but also when the student advances to the next grade level.

Adaptive Learning (Interim Test)

As students work on their personalized study program, their progress is monitored with weekly interim tests. Interim tests are administered either weekly or monthly to ensure students have learned and retained the essential skills from the previous weeks. Based on the proficiency, students are given either additional practice questions or a new set of challenging questions.The combination of Initial Assessment and Interim Tests create a foolproof personalized, adaptive learning system that ensures every student will learn and progress on his or her own pace en route to academic excellence.


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